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Tartanga College is a Vocational Training School with a wide background that has become a leading centre within this type of education. It was founded in 1978 at a time when Vocational Training was starting to be strongly promoted in the Basque country. The first professional fields that were offered were Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Administration Management, Information Technology, Media studies and Health Care. During the following years it became a higher level Vocational School and provided a wider training offer for workers and companies. It also developed its management based on quality control systems and was awarded the National Prize for Quality in teaching-learning processes. Later, Tartanga extended its course offerings to include Social work and Environmental studies. It also has an excellent Information Technology Department.


The Collegel offers 15 different Vocational Training courses, most of them in Spanish although there are some options to study in Basque or in Spanish/English. We have about 650 students that have the possibility to complete their training period in the European Community through the Erasmus+ programme as well as advice and premises if they want to start up their own company through the Urratsbat entrepreneurial programme.


The school is open to the business world, and collaborates with companies in training and experimentation projects. It also has the resources to maintain and improve its business relationships.  Furthermore, it offers training courses for workers and unemployed people in our programme Training for work as a way to facilitate the implementation of Lifelong Learning Policies in our country, and takes an active part in the recognition of professional competence acquired through work experience and non-formal learning.


Our main aim is to train people from both a technical and human approach so there are committed to the environment, socially integrated, able to go to university, enter the labour market or start up their own company. We strive to be a leading centre for the people, businesses, and institutions in the Basque Country, as we offer them industrial relations, projects, training and well suited services.

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