Training for work


* Tartanga Vocational Training School offers courses throughout the year to unemployed people through Hobetuz (Basque Foundation for Continuing Training) and employees through Lanbide (The Basque Employment Service)  and  also to the society in general as a way to facilitate the implementation of Lifelong Learning Policies in our Country: Specific courses by demand.

* Apart from these courses we also offer help and advice to the employees who want to be recognized for their competencies acquired through experience at their work: Professional competence accreditation We evaluate their competences and organize a specific training, if it would be necessary, to finally get the certificate or degree in their specialty.

* We have around 300 employees every year  that get a part certificate  and around 45 unemployed  that get a complete  professional certificate including on-site training.

This year we are offering 26 courses for employees and 2 for unemployed people and one specialised in 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments.


For employees

For unemployed


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