Environmental Commitment

As we are conscious of the importance that environmental training and management has for the sustainability of our society, we are determined to impart a general environmental awareness in all of our initial training courses. We also give more specific environmental training for the courses that promote a professional commitment to the environment as well as knowledge to minimize the environmental impact produced during a professional career.

With a view to achieving the goal of local sustainability, the management and the organisation as a whole has decided to achieve the following commitments and action guidelines:


  • Achieving continued improvement in the environmental field that goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations. In order to do that, we will annually define objectives, goals and environmental programs to reduce the principal environmental impacts which are produced by Tartanga Vocational school
  • Identifying and evaluating the environmental concerns related to our activities, products, and services facing contamination and establishing programs for those that are considered significant
  • Training staff to efficiently perform the activities related to environmental goals
  • The present environmental commitment will be known throughout the organisation and publically available on the intranet