The Erasmus+ programme has as an objective to deal with the necessities of teaching/ learning for all participants in Higher Education and Vocational Training in Europe..
The goal is to strengthen lifelong learning and mobility, improving the quality and efficiency of education and training.


Tartanga Vocational College offers mobility for staff and students within Key Action 1: KA1 in the Erasmus+ programme

Programme Erasmus + Key action 1

Key Action 1 offers staff and student mobility for both Medium and Higher Level Cycles.

1. Staff Mobility/Mobility for Learning
a. Mobility projects
b. Professional training and development of education and training staff.
(Financing up to 5 days)

2. Student Mobility
1. Increase training opportunities abroad for Vocational Training students.
2. Provide the necessary abilities for the transition from the educational environment to the labour market.

-    Medium level training cycles (FCTs)
-    Higher  level training cycles (FCTs)
-    Recent graduates of both medium and high level cycles. (Within the year following the completion of their studies and selected in the last year of study)