Erasmus Policy Statement

IEFPS Tartanga is a Higher Education Vocational Training School working in the fields of Audiovisuals, Electronics-Electricity, Health Care, Environmental Chemistry and Health, Computing, Business Administration, and Social Work.  In some of our courses we have a multilingual system. The students, apart from Spanish and Basque (the two official languages of the Basque Autonomous Community) also use English to acquire competency.

The international strategy of our institution is a result of a structured plan that is part of our Process Management System. We are involved in the development of quality systems and have been awarded the following certificates: Certificate in Quality Management (ISO 9001/2008), EFQM Silver Q and the National Prize of Quality Management in teaching-learning processes in 2005. We develop our environmental management through the Ekoskan Programme. 

Participation by students, teachers and administrative staff in International (EU and Non-EU) Projects is a key component of our Innovation Process and it is part of our Strategic and Annual Planning to improve the quality of our higher education programs.

Our main objective is to develop a teaching –learning process in close relation to the social/ professional demands in the European labour market. We are interested in International programmes to learn by transfer of knowledge or know-how from the experiences and good practises of partner institutions or host enterprises related to the professional fields of the specialties we offer. We also strive to enable participants to develop language skills and to improve the understanding of the economic and social culture of the host country.


We have extensive experience with Lifelong Learning Programmes. We have taken part in different kinds of International projects during the past decade such as our own project for Transfer of Innovation ERANWORK YOUTH with partners from Sweden, Ireland, Italy, etc. The main target of this project was to give students that had created a start-up company the opportunity to analyse innovations in European companies and to bring back new ideas.

We have also opened our college doors to students coming from abroad for practical Training in companies here. During the past years we have received students especially from the field of Audiovisuals. We have also received students from Chile to take part in a full academic year course called “Finance and Business Administration in Small and Medium sized Businesses”. Teachers have also taken part in mobility with programmes such as Vetpro, Comenius, Academia, etc.


a)      Our partners are chosen according to the needs of students and staff.  Special attention is paid to the quality of the mobility our partners offer. Successful partnership will be based on mutual trust and interest and long-term cooperation. Our partners will be mainly Vocational Training Schools and enterprises. We also have the possibility of selecting our partners when mobility is made through the two consortia we work with, which are Ikaslan (The Basque Vocational Training Public Centres Association) and Confebask (The Basque Business Confederation). 

b)      Geographical and linguistic coverage is taken into account when selecting partner institutions. We have our closest ties with European countries such as UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Portugal and Italy, etc. although we are open to all geographical areas in the European Union.

c)       Our most important objectives are:

-        Increase the ratio of short cycle student mobility traineeships, including from under-represented groups. At the moment 10 per cent of our students are completing their training period abroad as mandated in our strategic plan. In compliance with the European objective we plan to double the proportion of students completing their training period abroad to 20&percent; by 2020.

-          Promote and support short cycle student mobility for studies. We are open to this possibility in the future.

-          Promote and recognise staff mobility projects between Higher Education Institutions to teach or to be trained.  The general objectives of these programmes are the acquisition and use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development in a professional context. Our institution pursues teacher excellence in professional development by means of transfer of knowledge. The teachers also have the opportunity to build a larger educational network within the European Union and after mobility their experience will be fully recognised.

-          Facilitate staff and students to develop higher language proficiency through the multilingual project sorted by the Basque Government in Vocational Educational Training so that they have more opportunities to participate in the European Programmes. This programme also gives the opportunity to European students and staff to come and participate in our School.

In Vocational Education we don’t participate in double/multiple/joint degrees