Learning Facilitator

This service, focused on life-long learning, is promoted by the department of Education from the Basque Government.  It is also supported by the Erandio City Hall in order to promote personal and professional development within the community.

Due to Lifelong Learning programmes an advisor is available to assist with information about all available options.
Formal training: its aim is to achieve formal credentials; certificate of Secondary Education, Vocational Training, University, Official Language School.

Non-formal training: its aim is to achieve career advancement.

Informal training: training for leisure time to increase personal well-being: health and wellness, sports, art and crafts...

Services offered:
- Inform and assess learning objectives and paths
- Provide guidance for different learning options attendance needs, and specific interests of the individual.
- Inform about academic and professional certificates and provide information about all the training options available in the municipality
- Who is it for?
- This service is for all citizens that need information about their training options  and where they can complete   them