Tartanga Higher Vocational Training College considers Internalisation a key priority in its innovation process and it is part of our strategic and annual planning to improve the quality of of our higher education programmes.

Tartanga Higher Vocational Training College takes part in different kinds of international projects within the Lifelong Learning programme. Its main objective is to develop a teaching-learning process in close relation to the social/professional demands in the European and international labour market.

We promote multilingual education. The students, apart from Basque and Spanish, the two official languages of the Basque Autonomous Community, also use English to acquire competency in several of the courses we offer.

We participate in the Erasmus+ programme, which offers mobility for both students and teachers in the European Community. We do that through the school’s own project and with the consortiums Ikaslan (Vocational Education Training Association of State Schools)and Confebask (Basque Business Confederation).

We  take part in the Erasmus+ programme working with Ikaslan (Vocational Education Training Association of Basque State Schools) in KA2 strategic collaboration projects among different countries in order to improve the relationships between the Vocational Training Education system and the world of work.

We promote participation in International programmes such as Global Training, which allows practical training in international professional environments.

We offer a course in Business Administration and Finance for Small and Medium-sized Businesses for students coming from Chile. We have been participating in this programme for two academic years and we will continue into the future. (Link to Becas Chile).


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