Mobility from Tartanga Vocational School to Upplands Väsby, Estocolmo

  • 16/03/2010 |
  • Lourdes de la Rica, Unai Kerexeta y Josebe Vidales |
  • Estocolmo

Presentation of work carried out in order to consolidate collaboration between Upplands Väsby Town Hall and Tartanga Vocational School for our students' training within the Leonardo programme.

Three teachers, Josebe Vidales (Social Work Department), Unai Kerexeta (Audiovisual Department) and Lourdes de la Rica (European Programmes) have travelled to Stockholm to achieve this objective.


Presentation material



Quite a positive evaluation of the work placement in Stockolm. We had the opportunity to visit different work centres related to Social Work and the Media sector.



The trip has strengthened our relationship with Upplands Väsby Kommun,  which will hopefully ensure that future students will benefit from the experience.